What is the #AllMenCan campaign and why is it a big deal?

After the #YesAllWomen campaign really took off on social media, men have decided to get involved and show their feminist sides too. Thus, the #AllMenCan campaign was born.

Photo courtesy of AllMenCan / Tumblr

After the tragic shootings in Santa Barbara, California, last month — when Elliot Rodger murdered six people before turning the gun on himself — we saw the rise of the #YesAllWomen campaign on social media, spurred on by the perpetrator’s “manifesto” outlining his loathing of all women for having rejected him and his dislike of sexually active men for seemingly faring better than him.

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Now the fellas have stepped up to the plate to show their feminist sides with a male-driven campaign, #AllMenCan (running wild on Twitter and Tumblr), which aims to spread positive messages about female empowerment. We must admit, we’re pretty proud of these men for showing support to their female counterparts:

#AllMenCanPhoto courtesy of AllMenCan / Tumblr
#AllMenCanPhoto courtesy of AllMenCan / Tumblr
#AllMenCanPhoto courtesy of AllMenCan / Tumblr


We are glad to see the negative stigma surrounding feminism letting up a bit. To remind the world, feminism simply aims to secure women the same rights men have. Despite common misinterpretation, it has nothing to do with “man-hating.” So, just like there is nothing manly about female harassment or abuse, there is nothing girlie about being a feminist — regardless of gender.

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“Women are not the only ones frustrated by our society’s institutionalized misogyny,” wrote Elizabeth Plank, editor of PolicyMic, who launched the #AllMenCan hashtag by asking men to talk about being male feminists. “So many men, too, reported feeling disgusted by the attitudes of the shooter and his alleged peers, the ‘men’s rights activists’ that not only influenced Rodger, but publicly predicted more violence if men aren’t given what they want. Men deserve their own space to talk back to these ‘activists.'”

So if you’re looking to support women with a bit of social media positivity, then take advantage of these wonderful campaigns, and spread the goodness.

What do you think of the #AllMenCan campaign?

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