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Peter Dinklage’s mullet is the most beautiful we’ve ever seen

A very noble Reddit user posted a 1987 yearbook photo of Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage sporting a very gorgeous mullet. Why have we never seen this before?

Photo courtesy of Schultz-Coulon /

If we were to select one photograph as the answer to all your prayers, as the solution to all of humankind’s woes and the very foundation of the universe, it would have to be the yearbook shot of Peter Dinklage rocking a mullet. It’s basically the equivalent of a magic velvety bag of metaphysical mysteries glazed in righteous excellence.

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The 1987 yearbook photo of the Game of Thrones actor was first launched into public circulation by a Reddit user, whom we must humbly thank for such a bountiful gift. It has since completely taken over the internet (we would expect nothing less), and the world has officially become a better place.

Dinklage, of course, is now famous for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones and is sporting some sweet blond, shaggy waves, but can we all take a vote to bring the mullet back? Maybe we could have a flashback to Tyrion’s angst-filled teenage days on Casterly Rock with a blond mullet? Lannister in the front, a total Martell in the back… GoT humour, anyone?

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Regardless, we congratulate you on being enlightened by Dinklage’s do, and we are ever so glad the internet exists. Now tell us, did you also have a mullet in your youth?

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