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Which TV show is the most tweeted about this year?

Social media is getting bigger and bigger. So which TV shows captivated Twitter users this year? The list-topper is actually fairly obvious.

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For those of you who are still being bitter about the dominance of social media in our culture, you will not enjoy this whatsoever. Twitter played a major role this year in spreading the word about different TV series and trending episodes, but guess which show received the most tweets!

If you said Breaking Bad, then you are absolutely correct. Per Nielsen’s official rankings of social media-loved shows, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) proved he is indeed the one who knocks. The AMC series not only grabbed the first spot on the list spanning the 2013-2014 season but also had the greatest reach per episode, engaging 9.1 million Twitter users during the finale. That’s huge, right?

So which other shows made it on the list? Some of these might surprise you. Unlike TV viewers, social media is still predominantly populated with youth; hence the most-tweeted-about series reflect their interests. See for yourself:

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2. The Walking Dead

Well, this show has been around for some time, and it’s still going strong on Twitter. Folks just can’t get enough of the un-dead. Gotta tweet about those plot twists too, right?

3. Pretty Little Liars

Drama, drama, drama! Pretty Little Liars is like a Venezuelan soap opera for a younger audience. Everybody hooks up with everybody, someone’s dead, and everything is soaked in thinly veiled mystery. It’s TV gold and very tweetable.

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4. The Bachelor

This one is obvious. Who doesn’t tweet about The Bachelor? Everyone watches it, so we might as well talk about it, right? This show is perfect for live-tweeting.

5. Game of Thrones

Obviously! This show has so many plots and twists. The Red Wedding, anyone? That was crazy. We all had to vent and reach out for some group therapy after the last season.

Which show do you find yourself tweeting about?

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