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10 Thoughts that ran through our minds while looking at Rihanna’s CFDA Awards dress

Rihanna loves to push the envelope. So much so, that she turned up almost naked at the CFDA Awards, wearing a see-through sparkly slip and nothing else.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Nikolov/

Oh, Rihanna, you saucy girl! We’re not sure if this was meant as a giant middle finger to Instagram (which suspended the singer’s account for inappropriate content) or if it was just very hot that day. . . But RiRi was practically naked at the 2014 CFDA Awards on Monday.

The 26-year-old singer stepped out wearing a glittery mesh gown and a g-string. That’s it. Yes, this means her breasts (and bum) were liberated for all to see. We must point out that — surprisingly enough — her head was fully covered under a matching sparkly scarf. So, that’s something, right?

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The risqué gown was also not just something she picked out of a discount bin at the local adult shop; it was custom designed by Adam Selman and features 216,000 Swarovski crystals. Only Rihanna can wear a see-through slip that is still somehow luxurious and costs a bajallion dollars. How does she do it? It’s small wonder the singer was attending the ceremony to receive the Fashion Icon Award for being a trailblazer, the woman determinedly pushes the envelope with every outing.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Nikolov and Andres Otero/

While we’re used to seeing Rihanna in various states of undress, this must be her most-naked red carpet look yet. We believe this may be the very definition of “jaw-dropping.” Admittedly, many a thought ran through our minds whilst processing this surprising fashion choice, and we’re probably not alone on this one. Here’s a sample:

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1. Oh, there’s Rihanna. She looks so glamorous!

2. What a cute headscarf! Could we work that look?

3. Is that a nude dress? She’s so sleek, darn it.

4. Hold up, are those her breasts?

5. Sweet Moses, she just flashed her bum.

6. Wow, she has a great butt!

7. Wait a minute. . . That’s a see-through dress, isn’t it?

8. Yup, those are definitely her nipples.

9. At least she wore underwear.

10. We’ve been staring at this for ten minutes now.

Are we the only ones going through such a range of emotions? Also, seriously, Rihanna’s behind is out of this world. Just look at it! What do you think of RiRi’s outfit? She’s definitely a risk-taker, no?

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