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What does Kim Kardashian’s Instagram record tell us?

Since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding photo broke the old record on Instagram for most Likes, it makes us wonder — what does that actually tell us about the reality star?

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This may or may not surprise you, but the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding was a pretty big deal for the world. The usually very open Kardashian kept the details of the big day so tightly under wraps that nobody even knew in which country the ceremony was to take place until the very last minute. That’s nearly impossible for a couple that is hounded by paparazzi day in and day out.

So when the reality TV star started posting wedding photos post-ceremony, is it really any wonder that Instagram went crazy for them? The public was almost starved for a snippet of a visual into the lavish ceremony of one of the biggest couples in the celebrity universe. So we feel obligated to introduce you to the new most-Liked Instagram photo in the social website’s three-year history:

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Indeed! This sweet shot of Kardashian locking lips with her newly branded husband has reached 1.96 million Likes (so far), beating the previous record of 1.82 million Likes held by the photo of Selena Gomez hugging Justin Bieber. Considering the vast attention circulating around the Kimye wedding, this should have been anticipated. They had to break some kind of record.

So who cares? Sure, many people can shrug this off as a mundane, unimportant aftermath of a trivial event. But nearly 2 million people will say otherwise. The critics calling Kardashian an accidental star, whose time in the spotlight is dwindling, should reconsider. This was one of the most talked-about weddings in recent history (second to maybe Prince William’s), the effects of which can actually be measured in numbers on social media.

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Kardashian is no longer insignificant. She has the power to sway trends and opinions and to bend records. She is a business. Her union with Kanye West has only solidified her grip on relevance. Basically there is no longer any point to huff and puff about Kim’s dominance of the press — she is here to stay. And a huge portion of the world does care about it.

We have to move with the times, folks! What do you think of this new record and Kardashian’s role in the celebrity world? Don’t be shy, share.

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