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Hilary Duff chopped her hair off — Check it out!

Hilary Duff hasn’t really altered her mane since her ‘tween years, so we were a little surprised to find out that the actress recently chopped it off in a cute bob.

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Well, hello there, pretty lady! Since the dawn of mankind, Hilary Duff’s hair has remained relatively the same. It was one of the most stable founding principles of our human culture. . . Too dramatic? You’re right.

What we’re trying to so illustriously convey is that Duff’s hair has been long and blonde since Lizzie McGuire. While it looks gorgeous regardless, we’re glad the 26-year-old actress and full-time mamma has decided to finally change it up.

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Duff surprised her fans on Instagram on Thursday with a photo in the hairstylist’s chair and followed it up with a shot of the resulting do — a choppy long bob. Now, we’re no hair scholars, but we do believe the professional term for this is a “darnitty cute haircut”.

Seriously, how stinkin’ adorable is that? Her hair looks like it smells like sea breeze and Care Bears. We have no idea what brought about this sudden hair change, but we welcome it with open arms. Perhaps Duff felt compelled to try something new in the wake of her separation from husband Mike Comrie or maybe her two-year-old son, Luca, is in the hair-pulling stage of toddlerhood. Whatever it is, you go girl!

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Duff lives in California. We’re sure the heat is much easier to tolerate without 50 pounds of hair flapping about your head. Good choices have been made, and we approve. What do you think of Hilary’s cute little bob?

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