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Justin Bieber hooking up with Adriana Lima freaks us out

Did you know that Justin Bieber and Adriana Lima hooked up in Cannes? Well, they sure did. We’re not going to lie, it’s freaking us right out.

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Well, try to erase this from your mind… Per reports, Justin Bieber and the newly single Adriana Lima totally hooked up in Cannes earlier this month. You guys, they probably did the dirty, the deed, the stuff. They did it. Why is nobody freaking out about this but us?

The 32-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel recently separated from her husband of five years, Marko Jaric, and was courted by Bieber at the 1 Oak fete at club Gotha. Per Us Weekly, the 20-year-old pop star allegedly “pursued her hard.” The two flirted and did the grind-a-roo dance at the private party before departing together in the wee hours of the morning. Bieber even posted a photo of him with Lima on his Instagram (the proof is in the pudding?).

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So, are we the only ones? How did this happen? We’re kind of losing our heads over this one. It’s hard to point out just one problem with this, so we’ve made a concise list. You are so welcome.

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1. Age-old question

Lima is 32 years old, while Justin is only 20. We understand that this is not that great of a gap, but seriously? The supermodel is separated from 35-year-old hottie Marko Jaric; Bieber is not even legal to drink in the States yet. We don’t get it. Does nobody care about the “ick” factor anymore?

2. The vulnerability issue

Lima announced her separation from Jaric on only May 2. He was her husband for five years, and they have two daughters together. She must have been quite vulnerable. Bieber must have picked up her scent like a lion stalking the weaker antelope in a herd. Of course, perhaps Lima is totally over her hubby, but we have some doubts.

3. It’s Justin… Come on!

This is the guy who is perpetually stuck in a sultry gaze. It’s the same guy who gratuitously shows off his abs and who eggs his neighbour’s home. We love us a moderate dose of Justin Bieber, but Adriana… Why?

What do you think of this hookup? Cool stuff, or better not?

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