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My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel: Great idea or best idea?

Nia Vardalos is a sneaky fox! The actress has secretly penned a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel, and the cast is all set to reprise their roles. Let the hilarity begin!

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Everything is falling into its proper place in the world, y’all! It turns out that Nia Vardalos has managed to stealthily pen a script for a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel and has her former co-stars already on board! Opa!

You know what that means? We will probably get to learn a few other useful Greek phrases, like “Eho tria arhidia” — literally meaning “I have three testicles.” We can’t wait to take this one out for a test drive next time we’re in Greece. Tria arhidia for everyone!

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To refresh those memories, My Big Fat Greek Wedding came out in 2002 and wasn’t even expected to make much of a splash. Yet, it managed to reel in $368 million worldwide. We suppose a story of a Greek-American woman (Vardalos) falling in love with an English teacher, Ian (John Corbett), and trying to integrate him into her huge, loud Greek family hits close to home for a lot of folks.

So, the sequel does not have a title yet or a director attached, but Vardalos and Corbett are set to reprise their roles. Rita Wilson will also return to produce the project. The new film will focus on another family wedding (perhaps her daughter’s?!) that will once again gather the entire Greek brood together. Sounds solid enough for us.

Oh, Nia, how we missed you! We just want to sit down and split a hefty chunk of moose-kaka with you. . . Is that so much to ask? Is it? Also, how is Nick (Louis Mandylor) doing? Is he still single?

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Well, let’s keep an eye on this project, because we will be in the lineup on the premiere day. . . peeling potatoes and roasting our lamb on a spit. Are you excited about the sequel or was one My Big Fat Greek Wedding enough for you?

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