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Why Jessica Simpson’s weight loss inspires us

Jessica Simpson has recently shared some beautiful shots of her weight-loss progress, and she is looking like one hot tamale. We have boundless respect for this young star.

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Whoa! Jessica Simpson is looking mighty good these days! The 33-year-old singer and fashion designer has been working on her weight loss for a while now, and she proudly showed it off in a sexy swimsuit over Memorial Day weekend via Instagram. These are some darn gorgeous shots, if we do say so ourselves.

It appears Simpson has finally reached her fitness goal (or is close to it) and is displaying some stunning muscle definition. Now, we love us some Jessica around here and think she is a wonderful role model for young women everywhere. Here’s why:

1. She achieved a lot

Simpson didn’t just shed a couple of pounds or simply tone up — the woman dropped between 60 and 70 pounds that she had put on during her two (close together) pregnancies. That’s a crazy amount of weight, y’all! The admirable part about Simpson’s weight loss is that she emphasized gym-going above any dieting. She is not “skinny-mini mama”; rather, Jessica is a healthy and fit woman. We all know how rare that is in the celebrity world…

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2. She figured it out with two kids

How Simpson managed to hit the gym and juggle two little ones is beyond us. The singer is a proud mum to 2-year-old Maxwell and 11-month-old Ace (with fiancé Eric Johnson). So Jessica managed to drop all this weight with babies in tow. We are forevermore amazed by this woman.

3. She overcame all the bullies

Simpson was the biggest target for tabloid and online bullying. We cannot stress enough how awful the media world treated her during her pregnancies and the short period in between. Simpson herself confessed on several occasions how the constant mockery of her weight affected her self-esteem. The fact that she was able to rise above it and shed the pounds at her own pace is incredible.

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4. She takes pride in her body

Despite gaining quite a bit of weight, Simpson never shied away. She was proud of her body throughout her pregnancies and weight-loss process, emphasizing the need to love one’s body. We think the star has a very healthy outlook on body image, and we’re glad she is influencing other women to follow suit.

Congrats to Ms. Simpson on her mind-blowing progress. We love you, Jessica, forever and ever.

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