Wiz Khalifa teaches us where NOT to take selfies

Wiz Khalifa was recently arrested for marijuana possession in Texas and celebrated the event with a festive jail-time selfie — probably one of the few places you should not do that.

Photo courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Just hold on a moment, while this guy snaps a selfie. . . Wiz Khalifa may have become a hero for youth everywhere when he posted a selfie from a jail cell,after his arrest for marijuana possession in Texas on Sunday morning. At least he wasn’t FaceTiming, right?

Khalifa was stopped by at TSA officer at the Texas El Paso International Airport for not carrying any identification on him and was found to be in possession of 0.5 grams of marijuana inside his backpack. The 26-year-old rapper was subsequently charged with marijuana possession and transferred to the El Paso County Detention Facility. His bond was set at $300.

While we love us some live tweeting of an arrest and jail-cell selfies, is mockery of the justice system, by belittling a broken law really the best use of one’s cellphone? Not a great example for Wiz’s young fans. With that in mind, here are a few other places you should not be taking selfies:

1. On the potty

This should be obvious. . . extra emphasis on “should.” Nobody wants to see you on the john or know that you were paying your respects to it recently. Especially after a particularly spicy burrito at lunch. Just as rule, don’t tweet about your filthy business, and don’t document it photographically. Sounds fair, no?

2. At a Satanist meet

We’re not here to judge, but we may succumb to the temptation from time to time. It may be wise not to take any selfies in front of a Sigil of Baphomet etched into the wall or a Sabbatic goat portrait. This is just not the kind of selfie people would enjoy finding in their feed, you know?

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3. During arrest

Similar to Wiz Khalifa’s situation, when you’re getting arrested, you should probably focus on that. . . instead of snapping a selfie with officer Thompson handcuffing you. It’s not as funny or clever as you think.

4. In bed (with company)

OK, this is an issue of national importance. Someone, at some point, decided it’d be a neat idea to start an #aftersex and #aftersexselfie hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. People, please, spare us. You and your partner are the only people who want to see that. No selfies in bed post-coitus. Thanks!

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5. From the flight deck

If you are a pilot and you are occupying yourself by taking selfies in the cockpit, we have some concerns. For the safety of the passengers and for preserving our faith in airline companies, do not take selfies whilst operating an aircraft. We beg you.

What do you think of Wiz’s jail-cell selfie? Which other places would you add to this list?

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