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Emma Watson is the world’s cutest university graduate

After taking a prolonged break, Emma Watson has finally concluded her studies at Brown University and is graduating with a degree in English literature. She looks so sweet in her little robe, we are melting!

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Well, there’s no point in even trying to be adorable anymore, because Emma Watson has just won that title for the next hundred centuries.

The Harry Potter actress was reportedly graduating from Brown University on Sunday with a degree in English literature and posted the world’s cutest graduate selfie on Twitter. Well, it’s not officially recorded in the archives, but we’re pretty sure no one ever was or will be cuter than this.

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We must admit, in the world of insignificant celebrity chatter, it’s rather refreshing to hear about a famous face accomplishing something worthwhile. And considering that Watson is a role model for all the Harry Potter fans out there, we’re glad she is so levelheaded. Being mind-blowingly beautiful doesn’t hurt either!

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Watson enrolled at Brown back in 2009, but took a break to film the rest of the Harry Potter films. Unlike most stars who take a hiatus from school, Emma did return to the university and completed her studies. So, well done, ol’ lass!

At 24 years old, Watson is at the top of her craft and is now fully educated. We secretly hope that the actress will pursue further studies, because so few celebrities do, but we’re happy either way. Congratulations to Em-Em!

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