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Do you want to see a Beyoncé and Jay Z film? Sign this!

Just days after Beyoncé and Jay Z released a fake movie trailer, fans have launched a petition to turn the short video into a full-length feature film.

Photo courtesy of JAY Z’s Life+Times / YouTube

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is a quick little cat. Just a day after Beyoncé and Jay Z released their mock film trailer Run, a petition popped up on to turn the short video into a full-length feature. Oh, the wonders of online shenanigans!

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Can you blame fans, though? When the royal couple of hip hop used their conch shell of enchantment to summon Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Emmy Rossum and Rashida Jones for their faux film trailer, they opened up an alternate reality where that movie could exist. Nobody is going to let that go without a fight.

So if you are yearning to live in a world where Bey and Jay star as bank robbers in a super-slick action thriller, you must scurry and sign this thing. And probably spread the word, because the petition currently holds fewer than 3,000 signatures (out of the needed 100,000). Of course, also carries petitions for wildlife preservation and human rights, so perhaps sign a couple of those too!

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Who knows? With the right director and proper marketing, this film could make it big. We’re sure Beyoncé and Jay Z’s fans alone will reel in a pretty penny for the couple. It’d be a complete departure for the twosome, which would be interesting.

Will you be signing the petition? Who should direct the film? Would you watch it?

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