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Zooey Deschanel reminds us that celebrities are people too

Zooey Deschanel has recently shared a makeup-free selfie that turned our world upside-down. Mostly, because she looks like a totally normal person. How did that happen?

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We’ve always suspected or, rather, hoped that celebrities are indeed real human beings. And we may actually have been right all along.

The always-gorgeous Zooey Deschanel posted an adorable makeup-free mirror selfie on Saturday via Instagram, wearing a simple long-sleeved shirt and her hair tossed up in a messy bun. Check it out!

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Good morning! #nomakeup #nofilter

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While she is still mind-blowingly beautiful (cruel world!), we can’t help but notice that Deschanel very nearly resembles a regular person. We — obviously — roll out of bed on Saturdays in some very questionable pyjamas, a greased over mane poorly held together by a dilapidating hair tie and a half-melted facial expression that resembles the gunk at the bottom of a kettle. We kind of thought that celebrities are not afflicted with such normalcy.

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In our heads, famous people are awoken by exotic birds at midday, slip into their silk robes and drink freshly squeezed juice on the terrace whilst getting a massage. We feel as if Deschanel’s selfie has just shaken our entire understanding of reality. What if — and this is pure conjecture — celebrities are people too?

Just kidding! They’re obviously demi-gods.

We leave you to ponder life’s great questions. Tell us, what is your Saturday morning routine and are you surprised by Zooey Deschanel’s makeup-free selfie?

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