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9 Mothers from Hollywood hell

In honour of Mother’s Day, we salute on screen mothers who make us thankful they only exist on film.

Maleficent |

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Stepmother from Cinderella

Not familiar with this hateful hag named Lady Tremaine? That’s because she’s usually referred to as Cinderella’s stepmother. A true monster, she pits her daughters against Cindy, and makes her work like a slave. Cate Blanchett will breathe new (albeit frightful) life into Lady T as an all-new Cinderella hits theatres next year.


Margaret White in Carrie

This crazy mama first embodied by Sissy Spacek has terrorized audiences for decades. The nut job took the form of Julianne Moore in the reboot of Carrie last year. The insanely religious control freak locked her daughter in a closet and made her believe menstruation was the devil’s doing. (We’d have to agree though that sometimes those monthly cramps are quite demonic!)


Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter

Speaking of being locked in little rooms, Aunt Petunia, Harry’s dead mum’s sibling, is absolutely atrocious. The poor boy is an orphan and she does nothing to soothe him or shed any sympathy. We’d cast an unforgivable curse or two her way—Crucio!


Mrs. George in Mean Girls

Mean girls |

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The self proclaimed “cool mom” is nippy at the very least. Despite the title, Mrs. George isn’t mean, but her overzealousness is so not fetch. Offering up alcohol & condoms to her underage daughter doesn’t exactly qualify her for Mom of the Year. To her credit, she’s embarrassingly present at all events, snapping pictures at Halloween, prom, etc.



Maleficent |

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She will portray the mistress of all evil on the big screen later this month, but in real life Angelina Jolie is a downright saint when it comes to her kin. Audiences will soon see Jolie transform into the wicked fairy godmother that curses Aurora. She’s depicted as a witch in Sleeping Beauty, but there’s apparently more to Maleficent’s story. Will fortune favour the bold, we wonder?


Judy Walker in Bridesmaids

Jill Clayburgh |

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She’s the tamest of this mom posse, but still Judy Walker isn’t the most reliable of mothers. Comparing her daughter’s life to a gay prostitute who hit rock bottom is hardly a morale booster. She doesn’t exude ‘confide in me’ qualities with her matter of fact demeanor. Judy is not the most conventional cook either, unless a tuna fish sandwich at eight in the morning with syrup on it appeals to you.


Mrs. Bates from Psycho

Talk about mommy issues! Norman Bates was a real mama’s boy, not in the cute takes their mom on a date and buys her flowers kind of way. The boy dressed up like his dead mama! We obviously don’t condone killing, but Mrs. Bates kind of got what was coming to her. (Sorry for the spoiler to anyone watching A&E’s Bates Motel!)


Mary Jones in Precious

The most menacing of all mothers takes shape in Mary Jones. 16-year-old Precious can do nothing right by her mother. She’s a victim of incest resulting in two children and it only infuriates Mary more. Short of being supportive during this tender time in a girl’s life, Mary also physically, verbally and sexually abuses her daughter (let’s not forget: purposefully dropping her grandchild,too). Emancipation, anyone?


Joan Crawford AKA Mommie Dearest

Unfortunately, this film is based on a biographical book, which means there is truth to what is seen on screen. The 1981 film adaptation of Christina Crawford’s memoir is utterly terrifying. The traumatic tale of her life and adoption by a Hollywood starlet is scarier than any horror film listed above.

Who have we missed? Comment below with an on-screen mama for consideration in our Hell-ywood Hall of Fame.

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