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Celebrities who prove that clothing is actually pointless

Many a celebrity make us wonder why they even bother wearing clothes — they’re too pretty to be hidden away like that. And we do have evidence to back up that claim.

Hey, did you know that Rihanna looks drop-dead gorgeous sans clothes? Shocking, we know. The 26-year-old singer showed off her amazing figure and incomparable beauty in the new spread for Vogue Brazil. Needless to say, clothing would have only gotten in the way there…

Obviously we are generous people around here, so here are a few more shots from the shoot. Enjoy!

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Sometimes we feel as if clothing should be optional for celebrities. They invest so much time and effort into looking so flawless, why restrict them with garments? New law idea, anyone? Prohibit clothes for the stars? It could only elevate our living experience.

As evidence — in case someone is planning to draft a bill — we’ve compiled a solid collection of celebrity Instagrams filled with half-naked photos that continuously remind us that clothing is just unnecessary for some people — and a nuisance to the eyes of a commoner. These are just facts, people!

Zac Efron

Kim Kardashian


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Lady Gaga

Joe Manganiello

Channing Tatum
Need we say more? Clearly celebrities are not meant to be caged up in garments, even if those garments are couture. They should be free and document that freedom on Instagram. Just us? Come on.

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