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Which celebrity would make the perfect babysitter for your kids?

Instead of lying awake at night wondering about this, we’ve created a little guide to help you pick your perfect celebrity babysitter. You are so welcome!

Cameron DiazPhoto courtesy of Apega /

Guess who is Drew Barrymore‘s unofficial babysitter? Cameron Diaz, duh. Per People, Diaz met Barrymore’s daughter Frankie this weekend (she was born only on Tuesday!) and is totally ready to take over the babysitting duties — she is the aunt, after all.

“I haven’t seen her yet, but I’m going to this weekend,” Diaz told the magazine.

That’s if she is not too busy owning the box office with her new film The Other Woman, which currently sits in the No. 1 spot. But can you imagine having Diaz as your babysitter? We wonder if she’s overbearing or liberal with discipline, allows snacks before dinner or after, is hygiene crazy or loosey-goosey… Oh, the burning questions!

With that in mind, we were curious. What if you could hire celebrities to babysit your kids? Who would you choose? To make this process easier, we’ve created a handy-dandy manual to your perfect celebrity babysitter. You’re welcome!

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The fun one

Katy PerryPhoto courtesy of Brian To /

This one is obvious. Who is more fun than Katy Perry? Your kid will play “pretend” in Perry’s own portable inflatable candy house and sing silly songs. If you’re a goof, Katy is your perfect babysitter.

The health nut

Gwyneth PaltrowPhoto courtesy of Patrick Hoffman /

If health is on your mind day and night, Gwyneth Paltrow will definitely suit your purpose. She will have your kids drinking green sludge out of a Mason jar and eating their flaxseeds in front of a local pond.

The safety-conscious

Jennifer GarnerPhoto courtesy of Apega /

Now, if you are constantly concerned about the safety of your baby child, you need a babysitter who shares that concern. We think Jennifer Garner is the perfect woman to keep your kid safe and sound.

The educator

Mayim BialikPhoto courtesy of Brian To /

Why waste time? You need a babysitter who will watch your child and make him or her smarter every day. Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, so we think she can handle this.

The trainer

Jessica BielPhoto courtesy of Brian To /

Keep them fit! If physical health is a concern (or you don’t like Gwynnie), may we interest you in a dose of Jessica Biel? The actress is sculpted from head to toe and will keep your child as fit as a puma.

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The tranquil one

Drew BarrymorePhoto courtesy of Brian To /

If you have a hyper child who needs to learn to use his indoor voice, perhaps you need a very peaceful babysitter. Drew Barrymore can be that for you. Maybe she’ll even bring her own babies for the relaxing babysitting session.

The prankster

Will SmithPhoto courtesy of Brian To /

If you are on the more mischievous side and want a babysitter who will indulge your kid in the silliness, then Will Smith is your man! He is hilarious, fun and a pranking genius. He is also easy on the eyes, which is a bonus.

The fashionista

Gwen StefaniPhoto courtesy of Judy Eddy /

If you and your child are all about fashion, then you’ll want a babysitter who can contribute to that love. Gwen Stefani will keep your kid stylin’ even during nap time — guaranteed.

The enlightener

Photo courtesy of Caroline Torem Craig /

When it comes to understanding the world, you’d want a babysitter who is incredibly intelligent but who will also make any child feel comfortable. Hence, Beyoncé — queen of everything.

Which celebrity is your perfect babysitter?

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