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Check out Robert De Niro’s first Vine video!

Robert De Niro may have just accidentally become the star of his very first Vine video by getting involved with the website’s star, Jerome Jarre. You must watch this!

Robert De NiroPhoto courtesy of Ivan Nikolov/

OK, this is one of those things that you didn’t really know you needed in your life until you did. It may not make much sense now, but you’ll see what we’re talking about in a moment.

The legendary actor Robert De Niro has skilfully gifted us with his very first Vine ever with a little help from Internet’s darling, Jerome Jarre. If you’re not familiar with the Vine trend, it is a website that allows you to share very short — and often hilarious — looping videos (up to six seconds) with the populace of the net, and Jarre is kind of a megastar in that field (he’s even been on Ellen!) But we’re talking too much; view the video below to your heart’s content:

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Isn’t that the goofiest and sweetest video ever? De Niro seems a little dazed and Jarre sweeps in there to make it six-second clip even better. If the actor had his very own account, can you imagine the hilarity we’d be blessed with? We may have just come up with a new petition idea. . . De Niro must get a Vine account!

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You’re wondering. . . De Niro and Jarre ran into each other at Tribeca Film Festival where the latter is a juror for the #6SECFILMS competition. Suiting, isn’t it? Tell us what you thought of the video and if the actor should do this more often. Do you have a Vine account?

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