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Respond to Twitter hate like Demi Lovato — with love

When a spiteful user called Demi Lovato a “fatty” on Twitter, the singer responded in the most positive and surprising manner possible — with loads of love.

Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato yet again proves she is a superior human being. The 21-year-old singer had to deal with a feisty “hater” recently, who had the audacity to call Lovato a “fatty” on Twitter. What the hay?

The singer handled it with obvious grace and dignity, retweeting the spiteful message and telling the user, “You are beautiful.” Lovato went on to encourage her fans to battle hatred with positivity instead of with bitterness.

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How incredible is that? We feel this kind of optimistic and love-filled approach toward hateful social network users is lacking right now. Many feel the comfort of their anonymity while behind a computer screen and allow themselves to abuse others online, but responding to that abuse with positive messages not only elevates the offended but also shuts down the offender. Lovato is a genius, and we hope other young people will follow her lead.

So here’s how to handle a hater online — inspired by the gorgeous and wonderful Demi Lovato:

1. Keep your cool

We know it’s tempting to just virtually punch somebody in the face when he or she is behaving like a jerk. But you have to remember that a person who hides behind a keyboard and uses their anonymity to insult others is not worth an ounce of your anger. Keep your cool.

2. Retweet the offender

Don’t allow the internet offender to enjoy his or her privacy. Follow Lovato’s example, and retweet their message. Let everyone else know that this individual is an insensitive coward.

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3. Say something positive

Don’t be bitter about the online “hate.” Perhaps that person is having a rough day or is just insecure. Use this as an opportunity to spread some positivity and to raise your own spirits. Hatred only breeds more hatred; we love that Lovato is urging her fans to follow a different route.

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