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Pharrell weeps “Happy” tears on Oprah

Pharrell got emotional and teared up during his intimate interview with Oprah, whilst viewing a montage of dancing videos to his own hit “Happy.”

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Even though he’s been around for decades, Pharrell still finds ways to surprise us (and not just musically!). The 41-year-old singer really teared up during his interview on Oprah Prime, whilst viewing the countless videos and tributes put up on YouTube of his widely popular hit “Happy.”

We’re not even joking! It wasn’t one lonely tear rolling down a defiant, yet trembling, cheek; the man cried sweet tears of joy, basking in the glory of his immense success and the impact his song has had on the world. It’s one of the most humbling celebrity moments we have ever seen.

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Video courtesy of OWN TV/YouTube

If you’re not a snivelling pile of nothingness after watching that, you’re not human. Pharrell’s hit, “Happy,” comes straight off his innovative new record, Girl, and has peaked at number one in more than 20 countries. The infectious beat (and positive vibes) just makes you want to quit your job and bust a move out on the street or even frolic through fields of daisies with fellow happy people. The track has an amazing energy behind it, which is why it’s the darling of so many folks around the globe.

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We love Pharrell’s versatility and the fact that “Happy” is a complete departure from his collaboration with Robin Thicke on “Blurred Lines.” This track is all about positivity, and we think the singer deserves an award just for spreading this much joy to every corner of the world.

What do you think? Did you know the song was this influential around the world?

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