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2014 Coachella selfies: Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and more

Not all of us can go to the Coachella fest, but luckily we can live vicariously through the selfies of our favourite celebrities via Instagram. Because, why not?
Well, ’tis the season! Coachella 2014 has officially kicked off its very first weekend with an amazing lineup, and thanks to the power of social media, we can have a sneak peek into the festival through the lenses of our favourite celebrities (like Emmy Rossum up top).

As we all know, Coachella is the darling of famous people who permit themselves to mingle amongst the commoners and bask in the glory that is outdoor festivals just like the rest of us. Oh, and they post really cool photos on Instagram too.

So since we couldn’t make it down to Coachella, let’s live vicariously through our favourite Instagram selfies, courtesy of beautiful celebrity people. Let us begin:

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We’ve noticed that Ellie Goulding is a popular model in these photos, no? Which one is your favourite? Don’t be shy.

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