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9 Photos of Beyoncé on vacation

Hey! While most of us are slaving away under 7 feet of snow, Beyoncé is flying around the world, collecting points. The singer has taken a total of 14 vacations in the past two years.

BeyoncePhoto courtesy of

When you work hard, you have to play hard, right? Some folks out there have done a bit of calculating, and it turns out that Beyoncé (avec Jay Z) has taken a total of 14 vacations since 2012. What the…? What?

Yes, sir. While some of us dream of taking one every year, Ms. Yoncé is jetting off to the beach about once every three moons (months, get it?). Not too shabby, we say. And while we could be incredibly bitter about it (and deep within our souls, we are), we decided that this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the imminence of summer and all the beautiful things it has to offer.

So instead of bashing Beyoncé for her vacationing ways with swift and fervent jealousy, let’s take a look at some of her gorgeous holiday Instagrams. This could be us — if summer ever decides to drop in!

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Playing a bit o’ golf


Smiles by the water


Strike a pose in the pool


Homage to Anne Frank

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Maxing relaxing


Catching some waves with baby


Flipping gorgeous!


Mo’ beach, mo’ problems


Madam, it’s Amsterdam!

Which one is your favourite? Any plans for the summer?

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