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Zoe Saldana looks flawless even without makeup

We knew it. We knew perfection did exist and rested itself comfortably on Zoe Saldana’s face. The actress posted a makeup-free selfie via Twitter on Monday, and she looks beautiful!

Zoe SaldanaPhoto courtesy of FayesVision/

If you ever thought there was even an ounce of justice in the world. . . there isn’t. Case in point: Zoe Saldana’s makeup-free Monday selfie. The 35-year-old Star Trek actress (and new face of L’Oreal Paris, mind you) looks gorgeous all the time, but did she really need to look this flawless sans makeup? It was much easier to imagine that she’s a real human when we thought she was hiding horrible disfigurations under her makeup.

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Our self-esteem just can’t process a hit like this. We’re kidding. We figured that Saldana is like an onion of perfection; even if you keep peeling off layers, there’s just more underneath. It makes us secretly want to cry ourselves to sleep. Seriously, how does her skin do that?

Regardless, things are sure going well for Saldana. Other than being kick-yourself-in-the-head gorgeous, the actress is finishing up the shoot for Guardians of the Galaxy (co-starring cutie Chris Pratt and slated for release in August) and spends her free time frolicking through the streets of the world with hubby, Marco Perego. The couple tied the knot only last summer.

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OK, now it’s time to re-think our entire skincare routine. Do you think more celebrities should post au naturel selfies to discourage young women from caking on the makeup?

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