Twitter mourns Mickey Rooney’s death

We really didn’t think this would ever happen, but Mickey Rooney passed away this Sunday. The prolific actor had an unrivalled career spanning nine decades.

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This just breaks our hearts beyond repair. The legendary, one-of-a-kind Hollywood icon Mickey Rooney passed away on Sunday at 93 years old. Per reports, the actor had been ill for quite some time, but the exact cause of his death is yet to be revealed.

Rooney — who was adorably barely 5 feet tall — holds an acting resume very few can rival, with a career spanning over nine decades. Nine decades, ladies and gentlemen! Now that’s impressive. He was also one of the last surviving silent film stars.

He began work as a child, gaining immense fame playing Andy Hardy as a teenager in a series of films (co-starring with one of his closest friends, Judy Garland). Rooney was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Black Stallion and holds two honorary Academy Awards. We doubt there ever was a person who didn’t love him… Which explains why he had been married eight times, eh?

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While we mourn the loss of this beautiful human being, we must also celebrate his life’s work — by holding a giant movie marathon, yes? Celebrities and regular folks have already poured out their love on Twitter for Mr. Rooney, which we’re sure he’d appreciate. Here’s what is being passed around:

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