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7 Lessons we learned from The Matrix

Can you believe The Matrix came out 15 years ago? Isn’t that amazing? We have laughed and cried with this film, and it turns out we learned quite a lot too.

The Matrix
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OK, we’re about to drop some serious knowledge on you: The Matrix turned 15 years old. We know! It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that Neo waltzed into our lives and took us aboard the Nebuchadnezzar, yet ’tis so.

The Matrix hit theatres on March 31, 1999 and grossed $463 million worldwide. It remains one of the most memorable movies of all time and went on to have two sequels. Not too shabby, eh? Plus, it finally transformed Keanu Reeves from a time-travelling doofus named Ted into a super-slick, reality-manipulating hunk.

Hence, in the spirit of this fantastic cinematic tour de force and the many mind-bogglers it gave us, here are a few lessons we’ve absorbed from the film:

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Even hackers can be heroes

The Matrix took an unlikely hero — a glorified computer nerd — and turned him into a butt-whooping demigod. It turns out hackers are pretty quick learners of the martial arts.


Red jelly beans are whack

We will never look at a red jelly bean the same way again. Would we take the blue one? What would we do? Oh, the burning questions…


Don’t trust life, ever

This movie blew our mind hole… What if we really do live in a simulation and indeed feed machines with our bodies? This movie questioned reality to the very core and uprooted everything we have ever known. It was awesome.


Don’t ever stay friends with anyone named Cypher

This one is obvious. Kids, don’t ever be friends with anyone named Cypher. He will just stab you in the back (perhaps literally) and try to make a deal with Agent Smith.

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Shiny pleather makes everyone look bada**

This is just a fact, people. Shiny, unbearably tight black pleather will make you look like the biggest bada**. Slap some shades on that face, walk in slow motion, and you’re golden!



We have learned that the majority of what is possible in The Matrix relies on fitness. So our dilapidated, Cheetos-smothered, soft bodies would not last long fighting against the Agents… Even if we were wearing pleather.


You just have to believe

At the end of the film, when Neo dusts himself off from being hit by a bajallion bullets and then kicks major butt, it inspired us. Anything is possible if you just believe! We too can fly and be invincible with a little bit of faith.

What was your favourite part of The Matrix?

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