Instagrams of the week: Britney’s hot bod and Fergie’s cake

We’re all about celebrating people around here, so we figured we had to tip our hat to Britney Spears and Fergie’s Josh Duhamel birthday cake.

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We saved the best for last, y’all! Instagram made us so very happy yesterday with two of the best photos of the entire week. Of course, this couldn’t have been achieved without the aid of Ms. Britney Spears and Fergie.

These Instagrams are so impressive, they will require their own separate subheadings. Otherwise, we wouldn’t do them justice. We’ll start with Spears, who has recently jetted off to Hawaii with boyfriend, David Lucado, and her sons, Sean and Jayden. Luckily for us mere mortals, the pop icon treated us to a scorching hot bikini shot, which makes us want to chew our arm off.

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Say aloha to Brit’s smokin’ body-oha

We’re assuming the temperatures in Hawaii soared when Spears hit the beach. Look at that beautiful smile too! There is no way this woman is 32 years old. No. Way.

Shirtless Duhamel? Don’t mind if we do

Fergie friends have given her the greatest gift of all on her 39th birthday: a cake featuring (or rather, proudly displaying) a shirtless photo of hubby, Josh Duhamel, from Win a Date With Ted Hamilton. We don’t say this often, but. . . hubba hubba!

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We can’t even look directly at that cake for fear of melting off our faces! Which gives us an idea: next time you’re in charge of the birthday cake, slap a photo of the receiver’s spouse on it. Abs not required.

What a fantastic way to end this week. Nothing quite puts us in the mood for the weekend like shirtless hot people. High fives, everybody!

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