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Catching up on Seed

Season two of City’s Seed is airing. From sperm donor babies to will-they-won’t-they tension, here’s everything you need to know about Canada’s wackiest sitcom with a whole lot of heart.

CityTv's Seed Sitcom Cast

Seed is the story of Harry, a 30-something slacker whose donated sperm ends up bringing together a group of strangers. It’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds. The first season wove together the lives of these strangers into a weird, lovable sort of community. There’s the adorable (if at times stereotypical) lesbian couple with their curly topped son, the uptight yuppies with a teenage daughter, and vaguely neurotic Rose, who has complicated feelings for Harry. If you missed the first season, you can watch it all online at the City website, but here are some key points to get you started.

The kids

Nine-year-old Billy is the precocious son of Zoey and Michelle, who searched out his sperm donor, Harry. He is smart, adorable and forms a special bond with Harry, sometimes to the chagrin of his moms.

Fifteen-year-old Anastasia was surprised to learn her parents used a sperm donor but during season one came to think of Harry as a “cool uncle” figure. Her best moments are with Billy, technically her biological half-brother.

The parents

Zoey and Michelle are Billy’s parents. They’re a little hurt by the fact that Billy wanted to go find his bio-daddy, but they are wonderful, attentive and loving parents.

Janet and Jonathan — a therapist and a lawyer — are the dorky, bourgeois and out-of-touch parents of Anastasia. They are expertly played by Laura De Carteret and Matt Baram, and their timing is some of the best on the show.

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The awesome, sarcastic character who works at a bar

In a family comedy that draws a lot of similarities to Modern Family, it is refreshing to have an outsider who doesn’t quite buy into all the sappy family-love time the show is selling. Irene is Harry’s boss and friend at the Pour House Bar, who is sort of grossed out by the whole family-and-kids lifestyle.

Rose and Harry’s will-they-won’t-they romantic tension

Rose is the latest recipient of Harry’s… um… “gift,” after deciding to stop waiting around for “the one” and have a baby on her own. In true television fashion, however, things start to get complicated when Harry and Rose begin to develop feelings for each other. Neither character has really acted on those feelings yet, which is why we’re so excited this show has an entire second season.

Cute-baby alert

At the end of season one, Rose had her baby, ensuring a lot of cute-baby camera time in the future. If this doesn’t excite you, you might be dead inside. Babies are the cutest!

In this golden era of television, Canada is stepping up to the plate and raising the quality of Canadian content. We think Seed is a great step in this direction, and we can’t wait to see what season two has in store.

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