Has Courtney Love found missing flight MH370?

Courtney Love has hit Facebook and Twitter to claim she may have located missing flight MH370 on Tomnod, attracting the attention of major news sources.

Courtney Love
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People do not give this woman enough credit!

Courtney Love has hit Twitter with the news that she may have located the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared without a solid trace on March 8. Can you imagine if she’s actually right? What would that mean about the world and life as we know it?

The 49-year-old singer used Tomnod.com — a crowd-sourcing website allowing access to satellite imagery to help find the flight — to locate what appears to be an oil slick and debris off the southwest coast of Vietnam, which she skilfully pointed out using some unexpected MS Paint skills.

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OK, so the chances of that actually being the missing plane are slim, which is exactly why her tweets were met with fervent skepticism. But come on! At least she’s trying. Major news sources have jumped on this story, so we’re hoping that somebody will scope out this location to make sure it’s not the real deal.

But just for a moment — just for a second — imagine if Love is right. Other than bringing closure to all the family members of the flight’s passengers and bringing this vast investigation to an end, Courtney Love could become a hero and build an unshakable credibility. It could change the universe.

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The search for flight MH 370, which was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board before disappearing, is in its second week, with 26 countries participating in the investigation. You can follow Courtney Love’s lead and head over to Tomnod to sift through satellite imagery to help locate the plane.

Who knows? Maybe one of us can finally unravel this mystery and find some answers. It could be Love, or it could be you.

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