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15 Things invented since Rolling Stones last sang “Silver Train

On Tuesday the Rolling Stones performed “Silver Train” for the first time since 1973! How wacky is that? Here are all the things that have been invented since then.

Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones

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It’s been a while! The Rolling Stones treated their fans to quite an oldie from their repertoire, performing “Silver Train” during their Tuesday concert in Tokyo for the first time in 41 years! Now that’s a throwback from way back.

At each concert of the band’s On Fire tour, the Rolling Stones give their fans a chance to select one song to add to their set list, which explains how “Silver Train” was dusted off for the Tokyo performance. The song was featured on the B-side of the Stones’ “Angie” single released in 1973 and has been forgotten for nearly half a century. We feel a renaissance coming on… Check out the amazing performance below:

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Considering that the band was formed in 1962 and has been touring forever, we can’t believe “Silver Train” has not been performed for 41 years! Just to illustrate that stretch of time for you, here are just some of things invented since then (beginning with 1973):


1973: Cell phones first demonstrated by Motorola (not for sale until 1983)


1975: Push-through tab can invented


1979: Sony Walkman invented


1980: Post-it notes debuted in stores


1981: Hepatitis-B vaccine first became available


1982: First Cabbage Patch Kids sold


1984: Apple Macintosh introduced by Steve Jobs


1985: Windows program invented by Microsoft

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1986: Fuji introduced the disposable camera


1990: World Wide Web created by Tim Berners-Lee


1995: DVD invented


1998: Viagra hit the market


2001: Apple first-generation iPod comes out


2004: Facebook founded


2005: YouTube invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim

How does that feel? Last time this song was performed, cell phones, Facebook and — most important — Viagra did not even exist. Crazy, right? We’re glad this great tune can now gain a few new fans!

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