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Jessica Simpson: A healthy woman’s weight loss

Women are bombarded with unhealthy body images on a daily basis, which is why we love Jessica Simpson and her promotion of healthy habits.

Jessica Simpson

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We love us some Jessica Simpson, and we think she’s a fantastic role model for women all around the world who are thinking of shedding a few pounds and getting in shape. Why? Because she is one of the few celebrities, who do not make you want jump on a steady diet of lettuce leaves and detoxifying green smoothies.

Take, for example, Simpson’s newest campaign for Weight Watchers. She looks phenomenal — drop dead gorgeous even — while still keeping her sexy curves. Let’s remember that this is a mother of two wearing that skin-tight white dress. Can you say “va-va-voom?”

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But Simpson’s road to fitness has not been paved with golden tiles and sprinkled with motivation. The singer-actress gained quite a bit of weight during her two practically consecutive pregnancies and became a tabloid obsession. There was even a “hate” website created specifically for Simpson. How awful is that? You can imagine that with all that negativity and two small children to take care of it wasn’t easy to find the time or incentive to get back in shape. . . something many women can probably relate to.

But she did it! Simpson credits her impending wedding to fiancé Eric Johnson (father of her children) as her biggest motivator to keep in shape. She was already forced to move the wedding twice, because of two unexpected pregnancies, but it seems to have worked out well! Simpson can now include Maxwell and Ace in the wedding.

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What we really love about Jessica is that her weight loss was gradual. Unlike many stars, who give birth to triplets and are spotted rocking stilettos in size zero skinny jeans the very next day, Simpson took her time. She has never spoken about being thin but has emphasized the importance of health and feeling confident in your body. . . no matter which size that body is. We can all benefit from that kind of thinking.

So, we’d like to congratulate Simpson for looking great, staying healthy and being a realistic role model for women. Here’s to real women and their beautiful curves!

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