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5 Albums you should check out in 2014

Now that Coldplay revealed the release date of its highly anticipated album, we decided to add a few more records we’ll be looking out for this year.


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We’ve got a date on this, people! Coldplay finally announced the release date of its newest album, Ghost Stories, via Twitter on Monday, so fans can now mark it in their calendars or pre-order it — whichever!

The record will be released on May 19. It follows the band’s 2011 album, Mylo Xyloto, which did not fare all that well with the critics. Hopefully Ghost Stories is going to impress all them haters with Coldplay’s newly adopted synth sound.

Coldplay is known for reinventing itself consistently for over a decade now. This album seems to be tapping into a younger demographic by utilizing synth, simpler lyrics and hazy overtones. The two singles off the album — “Magic” and “Midnight” — just make you feel like you’re driving down a dusty road in the desert during the night, wearing neon bracelets and trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your non-dominant hand whilst pondering a particularly troubling passage from Being and Nothingness… Basically it has a very hipster-esque, indie vibe.

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It’s neither good nor bad; it simply demonstrates the breadth of Coldplay’s musical range. But while on the topic, here are a few other albums coming out this year that you should definitely check out:

1. Timber Timbre — Hot Dreams (April 1)

You can pre-order this bad boy right now if you want. Timber Timbre is a Canadian folk band hailing from Ontario. Hot Dreams is the group’s fifth album, and judging from the titular single off the record, it promises to be quite bluesy.

2. Foster the People — Supermodel (March 14) 

This indie-pop band is most famous for its single “Pumped Up Kicks,” which everybody in the world seems to love. Supermodel is the band’s second album and is promised to be less electronically infused, relying more on “natural” sound.

3. Tokyo Police Club — Forcefield (March 25)

Another Canadian artist, Tokyo Police Club is a favourite among the youth of the world right now. The band’s previous albums carried less mature notes than the other artists on the list, but we’re hoping Forcefield can surprise us. This is going to be the band’s fourth album and one of the most anticipated records of the year.

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4. Mac DeMarco — Salad Days (April 1)

Yet another Canadian indie-rock artist, Mac DeMarco has a very laid-back style with a new-wave twist. This is going to be DeMarco’s second album, and judging from the first single, “Passing Out Pieces,” it’s going to be a good one!

5. Sharon Van Etten — Are We There? (May 27)

Sharon Van Etten is a mix of indie and folk, with a voice that can make you cry. Her music usually carries notes of darkness and sombreness, put together with grace. Are We There? is Van Etten’s fourth album and hopefully just as amazing as her other work.

Which album are you most excited about?

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