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4 Reasons we love Nicole Richie’s new lavender hair

After fooling us into thinking she dyed her hair lavender last week, Nicole Richie went ahead and actually did alter the colour of her mane. And we absolutely love it!

Nicole Richie
Photo courtesy of Joel Madden/Instagram

This woman is just toying with our emotions! Last week, Nicole Richie posted a photo of herself on Instagram rocking lavender locks, but it turned that it was just a bit of Photoshop voodoo. . . But now, she actually dyed it for real. What kind of twisted game is she playing?

Richie’s hubby, Joel Madden, posted a gorgeous shot of his lady with her new hair colour on Instagram with the caption, “My girl.” And may we say that he is one lucky fella?

Of course, this may be another attempt of tricking us into falling in Richie’s web of deceit, so we looked for a confirmation. Kelly Clarkson posted a selfie photo with Richie (and her lavender hair), with the caption, “Guess took the bet & dyed there hair MY color.”

Boom. We’re going to call this one the real deal. So, what do you think of Richie’s new mane? We actually really like it. . . a lot. We may even love it. And here’s why:

1. The hue compliments her skin

Richie has a very beautiful skin colour and the lavender hair makes her glow. Her skin makes her hair stand out, and her hair makes her skin stand out. So, she just looks radiant.

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2. It’s different

OK, she literally dyed it the same colour as Kelly Osbourne. . . but that only makes two of them. As far as hair colour goes, there aren’t many women strutting around with lavender locks. We think it looks great and is a little different.

3. It suits her awesomeness

Richie has a very outgoing and fun personality; it only makes sense that her hair would match it. It just makes her all the more loveable and irresistible as a person.

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4. It makes her look like a faerie

This may be a personal preference, but we love that the new hair hue makes Nicole look a little faerie-like. She’s a very dainty and delicate woman; the new colour adds a bit more ethereality to her look.

What do you think of Nicole’s new hair? Sound off in the comments.

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