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Body envy: Fergie looks redonkulously hot

This is just out of bounds! Only six months after giving birth to her son Axl, Fergie is looking mighty fine in a short Calvin Klein social media campaign.


Holy mother of all that is pure and holy in this world… Fergie looks like a tall glass of gorgeous in this Calvin Klein social media campaign.

Miranda Kerr and Trey Songz have also participated in the campaign — which invites celebrities to share how they wear their Calvin undies — but only posted half-nekkid photos of themselves. Fergie obviously took it to the next level by posting an actual video on Instagram, and boy, does she wear those Calvins well!

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Oh, we forgot to mention that Fergie gave birth to her son Axl only six months ago! She must have either invited a sculptor to actually chisel away at her body for months or signed up with a sadistic Olympic trainer and sprinted from Brazil to California non-stop. Otherwise, something sinister is afoot here…

This was probably not even professionally filmed; it’s just how Fergie casually rolls out of bed in the morning, and her husband, Josh Duhamel, happened to capture the moment on his iPhone. Cruel universe, why must you test us like this?

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Fergie is just one hot 38-year-old (seriously) mamasita. We’ve even taken the liberty of describing just how hot she is, because it’s difficult to grasp the degree of her irresistibility. You’re welcome, world!

She’s so redonkulously hot she could melt your face off.

Melt your face off

Her body can actually start forest fires.


She’s so hot she needs to be handled with oven mitts (true story).

The Sun

OK, we’re done. It’s just so impressive what the human body can do. Six months ago this woman was carrying a child, and now you’d never even know. We applaud her for the many hours dedicated to her fitness. Fergie, you look amazing!

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Photo courtesy of Fergie / Instagram

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