Our favourite famous Canadians right now

From Ellen Page’s viral coming out speech to “Dumb Starbucks” to jazzy ice dancing, these are the Canadians who are gracing international headlines and winning our hearts.

Our favorite canadians | Sheknows.ca

Ellen Page

Ellen Page | Sheknows.ca

We’ve always been a fan of Ellen for her work, but now we’ve come to respect and admire her on a whole new level — for being brave in coming out and for being so freaking cool about it. She came out as gay publicly at a conference for the Human Rights Campaign. In Ellen’s emotional speech, she revealed that she was “tired of lying by omission” and felt a social responsibility to come out. Her speech is inspirational and uplifting and is an extremely positive message for LGBT youth.

Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder | Sheknows.ca

Arguably Canada’s next huge comic is the wonderful, weird Nathan Fielder, and other comedians agree. Paul Rudd, Jimmy Kimmel, Mindy Kaling and Kelly Oxford are among Nathan’s high-profile fans. Most recently his “Dumb Starbucks” prank went viral and made us even more excited for the next season of his amazing show, Nathan for You.

Justine, Chloe and
Maxime Dufour-Lapointe

Justine, Chloe and Maxime Dufour-Lapointe | Sheknows.ca

These champion sisters from Quebec slayed the women’s moguls in Sochi, with Justine winning gold, Chloe winning silver and Maxime finishing in 12th place. As hard as it must be to have your two younger sisters medal without you, Maxime took it in stride, while Justine and Chloe expressed their gratitude to Maxime for leading the way. All three sisters have been extremely gracious and supportive of one another, winning our hearts in the process.

Kroll Show and other cool shows to watch >>

Bryan La Croix:
Kroll Show

Nick Kroll | Sheknows.ca

We’ve already professed our love for Kroll Show, and this season Nick Kroll’s hilarious show within a show, “Wheels Ontario,” is back, going a step further to a “behind-the-scenes” following of the fictional Canadian actor who plays Mikey on the fictional show. Bryan La Croix is that “actor” (played by Nick Kroll), who is a vapid, hair-flipping Justin Bieber-like pop star. Confused? Just go watch the show. It’s the most attention Canada has been given in comedy since Robin Sparkles first appeared on How I Met Your Mother. Bonus points if you can catch the cameos from actual Canadians, like Jon Dore, Nathan Fielder and Lauren Collins!

Robyn Doolittle

Robyn Doolittle | Sheknows.ca

This Toronto star reporter is our hero for exposing the Rob Ford scandal and acting as a classy and articulate voice of Toronto while its mayor continues to stir up controversy. The fact that Rob Ford is arguably the most infamous Canadian is embarrassing, and we’re lucky to have this bright young journalist serve as our apologetic ambassador. Her book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story was released this month and has already been optioned for a movie adaptation.

George Stroumboulopoulos

We’re not going to write a list of favourite Canadians and leave Canada’s boyfriend behind. George continues to host George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (formerly The Hour) and bring arts, culture and politics into Canadian homes in an entertaining, accessible way. There’s still no official word on the renewal of his CNN show, but for now we’re lucky to have him. We love you, Strombo!

Alison Pill

Alison Pill | Sheknows.ca

While we were heartbroken when HBO announced that the next season of The Newsroom will be its last, at least we still get one more full season of Pill rocking that wonderful Sorkin dialogue. We’re also excited for her next movie, Cooties, a kind of horror zombie movie where the monsters are elementary school students.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Sheknows.ca

Our second set of Olympians, Tessa and Scott have dazzled us with their ice dancing for years. Even though their silver medal at Sochi felt like a loss to many who thought they deserved the gold, our famous pair of ice dancers made the country proud with classy and sensational performances.

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