Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour: Should it be axed?

Not so surprisingly, Miley Cyrus’ tour is already gathering some buzz and not all of it is good. The tour is receiving a flood of complaints over the raunchy nature of the concert.

Miley Cyrus

Who is actually surprised that Miley Cyrus’ tour, Bangerz, is pushing people’s buttons? Probably nobody. The singer is not exactly new to drama, but she may have taken it a little too far this time.

It turns out Cyrus’ tour makes her MTV VMAs performance look like a Disney afterschool special, with extensive twerking routines, skimpy outfits, straddling of giant hotdogs and simulation of oral sex on a giant Bill Clinton bobblehead. We wish we were making this up.

Although her tour just kicked off last week, Bangerz has already left a trail of traumatized fans and parents, who are calling for the show to be completely scrapped. The tour does not have a rating in place, so children of all ages can attend in the company of a parent. Imagine a nine-year-old watching Cyrus prance around in a leotard, grinding up on pretty much everything on stage. Our condolences.

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Per reports, Cyrus’ management has been flooded with complaints from parents. Many have put their tickets up for sale once word got out about the raunchy nature of the concert, while others refuse to attend and demand a refund. Some rough going for Miley!

Miley Cyrus

Should the tour be shut down?

This seems extreme, but we’re sure with enough complaints, it is a possibility, although a highly unlikely possibility. Now, should it be shut down? That’s the question. We assume that when one attends a Miley Cyrus concert, they are not expecting a safe-for-kids show, so it seems unreasonable to shut it down on those grounds. But there may be a case for improper marketing, which should have hinted at the nature of the concert.

Should it be censored?

To appease the parents, perhaps the show could be censored? The tour can be reconstructed to be more appropriate for the younger audience, saving Miley’s management quite a bit of money from possible refunds. Of course, then we have to wonder if censorship should be exercised in this case (or any, ever).

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Should there be a rating system?

This is a nobler route, we think. Take the hit and hand out all the refunds to the disgruntled parents. Then place a viewing advisory warning for the concert to prevent similar incidents from arising. This would obviously cost Cyrus a hefty amount of money, but it may be worth it.

What do you think and what is the appropriate course of action in your opinion?

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