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Photo of the Day: Beyoncé’s baby photo is the cutest

It’s hard to believe that she wasn’t born bootylicious and fierce, but even Beyoncé was a baby once. And, as evidenced by this photo, the cutest baby of all time!


We’re getting so much mixed imagery from Beyoncé right now. . . First, she dances up a storm in a slinky leotard contraption at the Grammys, then she posts an adorable childhood photo. Our heads are overheating!

The 32-year-old singer shared a baby photo on Instagram, captioned “#tbt” on Thursday, reminding us that there used to be just a regular avant-fame Beyoncé.

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We like that there is a version of the singer pre-Destiny’s Child or Jay Z. . . just a little kid in a pink dress and cute gold earrings wearing a goofy baby smile. It’s Beyoncé before she became fierce. This photo melts our hearts into a gooey pile of mush.

Seriously, we love this photo so much that we even compiled a list of reasons why you should adore it, too. Although we doubt anyone actually needs convincing; just look at her! Awwwww.

1. Demonstrates that perfection exists

You know how they say there’s no such thing as “perfect?” Wrong. Our proof? Beyoncé. We have the final piece of the puzzle now. Beyoncé was a perfect baby, a perfect teenager and now a perfect adult. Of course, we shouldn’t try to live up to the unattainable standard she sets for humankind but rather revere her as an enigma of evolution.

2. It proves magic is real

Look deep into those adorable little brown eyes and that cute smile. That baby is very near perfection but is not a diva. But then, miraculously, this baby grew up to become this voluptuous fairy tale Bey-ing (get it?) of sexiness and talent. (The GIF below serves as evidence).


Obviously, magic is afoot. Otherwise, we’d have thousands of Beyoncés in the world.

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3. That smile though

You don’t have to agree with any of our other reasons, but if you can honestly look at little Beyoncé’s smile and say that it’s not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. . . well, we’d have to conclude that you’re a cyborg.

It’s a weird question, but what do you think mini-Beyoncé is thinking about in that photo? Humorous answers are encouraged.

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Photo courtesy of Beyoncé/Instagram

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