Regina Spektor is pregnant! Celebrate with her best songs

Best news! Regina Spektor is pregnant with her first child! To mark this momentous occasion, we’re counting down some of her best tunes.

Regina Spektor

Hip-hip hooray! Despite being nominated for her very first Grammy, Regina Spektor will not be attending the musical festivities on Sunday due to being very much pregnant. We suppose that’s a decent excuse.

The incredibly low-key singer and her husband, Jack Dishel, are expecting their first child together. Spektor obviously could not contain the exciting news any longer and took to her Facebook page to share with her fans.

“Hi there friends! I was so happy to be nominated for my first Grammy! I would have definitely gone to LA for all the fun, in a party dress and with bells on, if I wasn’t so super pregnant at the moment. (!!!!!!!!!!). Jack and I are very excited to be expecting a brand new human together!!!”

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“I’ve been spending most of my time writing songs, dreaming up the new record, cooking soup, eating soup, and being very grateful for the people in my life- family, friends, and you… So I’m glad to share the news, and I wish everyone who is going to the Grammys an amazing night!”

She added, “I’ll see you from the couch.”

We’re so excited Spektor is bringing a little one into this world, and her Grammy nomination is long overdue! To celebrate, we’re taking a look at our favourite songs from this talented indie-folk artist:

1. “Us” from Soviet Kitsch (2004)

This track always puts us in a good mood, no matter what. It’s fun and whimsical.

2. “Samson” from Songs (2002)

Obviously it’s inspired by the Biblical figure of Samson. Spektor puts her unique twist to this song, and we absolutely love it.

3. “Laughing With” from Far (2009)

We love the lyrics! Spektor manages to combine a serious subject with her whimsy and turn this song into a masterpiece.

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4. “Call Them Brothers” from What We Saw from the Cheap Seats (2012)

Probably the best track off her latest record, “Call Them Brothers” even features vocals from her husband, Dishel.

5. “Après Moi” from Begin to Hope (2006)

This song packs so much power. The piano, the vocals and a sung stanza of a Russian poem make this song unforgettable. Very beautifully written.

6. “Fidelity” from Begin to Hope (2006)

Another fun song by Regina, it just makes you feel all bubbly inside. This one also cheers us up on a rainy or snowy day.

Which Regina Spektor song is your personal favourite?

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