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Holy Ship!? and other music festival games we’d like to see

Now we can stay home in our pyjamas and get the festival experience at the same time! This is better than Netflix!

Holy ship!? unofficial board game |

Hobbyist Say Andrea has done the impossible: She’s taken a crazy festival experience and distilled it down into a board game. Holy Ship!? The Unofficial Board Game is basically a trivia/drinking game, but can you imagine how much fun this must be with a group of friends and a Spotify playlist?

The bottom line is that we want this game. And others like it. Here are a few festival-inspired games we would like to play:


Where’s Molly?

Where's Molly? game by SheKnows

Inspired by Madonna’s Molly remark at Ultra Miami last year, this game will have you searching high (pardon the pun) and low for your friend Molly. Kind of like Where’s Waldo?, but not.


Monopoly: The Festival Edition

Monopoly: The Festival Edition by SheKnows

The aim of the game is to collect as many tickets and wristbands as possible. The more you have, the more perks you can buy. Use your tickets to buy tents for you and your friends, as well as VIP packages, cabanas and backstage access.


Mario Bros.: Get to the Main Stage

Mario Bros.: Get to the Main Stage by SheKnows

The object of the game is to get to the main stage before you miss the headlining act! Test your festival smarts by traversing ridiculous lines, overly sensitive security guards, sloppy noobs and thieving vendors. You have 15 minutes!


Nevada Trail: The Burning Man Edition

Nevada Trail: The Burning Man Edition by SheKnows

Slightly similar to Oregon Trail, your goal is to make it to Burning Man alive. You start on the East Coast with a wagon, an iPhone and your friends. You have to survive by hunting, gathering and bartering. Seriously. And there are zombies. Everywhere.


Songs Against Humanity

Songs Against Humanity by SheKnows

A card game featuring songs by all of your favourite artists — Rick Astley, Kanye West, Chumbawamba — you know, the best of the best! Pitted against actual human rights violations. Because this is a game for horrible people, after all.

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