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How to properly react to Parks & Rec seventh season renewal

All of our prayers have been answered. Parks and Recreation has been renewed for season seven, and we’re so excited we may just burst at the seams.

Parks and Recreations

Whoop, whoop! Parks and Recreation is returning for a seventh season, everybody!

Parks and Recreation is going to have a seventh season,” NBC president Robert Greenblatt stated (rather concisely) on Sunday. Cue celebratory dance:

Ron Swanson

No other information concerning the news has been released. The season six finale is scheduled to air on Jan. 30, but we’re glad this is not going to be the end of the show (despite Chris and Ann’s heart-breaking exit).

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Since we’re feeling a wide range of emotions right now, we decided to pen a guide on how to properly react to the magnificent news of another season. Yes, there is a wrong way of doing this. Luckily, you have us.

1. First, energize. Eat a waffle.

Leslie Knope

2. Then, run naked through your nearest park.

Patrick from Spongebob

3. Buy a celebratory piñata. Beat it to smithereens.

Happy Endings Piñata

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4. Throw a wicked party for all your friends.

Community party

5. Cool it, and patiently await the next season premiere.

Ben Wyatt

How did you react?

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