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Great Zeus! Gwen Stefani launching an affordable fashion line

Finally! We’ve spent years lusting after those beautiful L.A.M.B. luxury items, and Gwen Stefani has heard our cries. She’s launching an affordable fashion line for Spring.

Gwen Stefani

We hope your wallet is ready for a little beating. . .

Gwen Stefani — lead singer of No Doubt, designer and soon-to-be mother of three — is launching an eco-friendly and affordable fashion line called DWP (Design with Purpose, not Department of Water and Power)! This is pretty exciting.

When Stefani launched her first fashion line, L.A.M.B., back in 2003, most of us were overcome with joy to finally be able to wear something designed by the inspiring fashion icon. But then we saw the price tag and realized that L.A.M.B. could only be owned by people who wear lion skin capes, diamond stilettos and take private jets to work.

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But not DWP, ladies! This line is for real. It’s legit. We can afford it. It’s an 18-piece collection (think faux leather leggings and loose tanks) that should be hitting stores in time for Spring. Stefani paired up with Michael Glasser for the line; he is the jean jeanius (get it?) behind 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity as well as Rich and Skinny. So all the items in DWP are getting the premium treatment without the inflated price. Score!

“What’s so great about DWP for me is it’s different from anything I’ve ever done, working in L.A. and having the factory right here,” Stefani stated. (DWP is manufactured in California, by the way.) “With L.A.M.B., we have so many categories within the collection and you have different factories that do specific things, so you are a little detached. . . The actual designs are very simple because it’s all about everyday wear. So that’s different and new.”

So, how much will a single item of this pure fashionable joy cost ya? DWP pieces will retail between $80 and $130. So, you probably won’t buy your entire summer wardrobe there, but you can treat yourself with a specialty item. Keep your ears out for retail locations.

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Here’s what really amazes us about Gwen Stefani, besides her impeccable style. She is currently about seven months pregnant, launching a new fashion line, launching a new fragrance for Harajuku Lovers in the spring as well, collaborating with OPI and Burton, working on an e-commerce launch for L.A.M.B. and even possibly writing new music! How is she not having meltdowns yet? We’re getting anxious just thinking about all those projects.

As soon as we hear more about this project, we’ll volley the information your way. We’re glad Stefani is putting out a fashion line that more people can afford without skipping rent. It was getting exhausting drooling so much over silk L.A.M.B. pants. Do you think you’ll be checking out DWP, or is it not your cup of tea?

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