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Who’s the better Pantene spokesmodel: Gisele, Eva, Zooey or Queen Latifah?

Now that Pantene hired Gisele Bündchen as their spokesmodel, the brand’s spokespeople tally is up to four. So, which celebrity serves as the better ambassador of the brand?

Gisele Bundchen, Eva Mendes, Queen Latifah, Zooey Deschanel

They finally did it. . . Pantene hired Gisele Bündchen, model and part-time Goddess of Hair, as the new ambassador for the brand. We almost have tears in our eyes!

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“I feel my hair has been through it all — from being styled more than ten times in one day to enjoying the sun and surf with my children — and Pantene has helped to keep it healthy with every wash, no matter what the day may bring,” Bündchen said. “I love that Pantene not only stands for healthy, strong hair, but also encourages women to give back specifically through a program like Pantene Beautiful Lengths.”

Is this a good partnership? Obviously, Gisele has the hair of a queen unicorn; just look at her! That being said, Pantene already has three other wonderful celebrity spokesmodels: Eva Mendes, Queen Latifah and Zooey Deschanel. It’s getting a bit crowded, no?

While Bündchen is famous for her beautiful hair and sports a sexy accent (which they did not take advantage of at all in the ad!), is she the best spokesperson for the brand? Is she relatable enough or too idealistic? Let’s check out the other beautiful candidates, shall we?

Eva Mendes

Of course, Eva Mendes has fabulous hair. She’s also an actress, which brings a certain charm to her commercials. But Mendes is a spokesperson for many other brands as well, which can potentially make a viewer question her dedication to Pantene.

Queen Latifah

Oh, we love Queen Latifah. Love her. Love. Her. She has such a magnetic on-screen presence and is so incredibly beautiful it makes us wish we could jump into the TV and hang out with her. Queen Latifah has a huge fan following and is a very versatile celebrity, which is probably why Pantene wanted her to front the brand.

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Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is the hip “it” girl right now. She appeals to the younger generation and is adorable enough to convert everybody else. Deschanel seems very wholesome and charming, making her a great spokesmodel for the brand. But she may not appeal to the majority of demographics.

So, which Pantene ambassador do you think suits the job best? Obviously, the brand has several spokesmodels in order to appeal to a larger audience, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pick a favourite. Who’s yours?

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