Lady Gaga pioneers Christmas tree fashions

Lady Gaga has been dazzling us with her creative fashion choices since day one, and her latest is no exception. The singer’s newest ensemble is reminiscent of a Christmas tree, and we love it.

Lady Gaga

Regular, run-of-the-mill Christmas attire is too passé for Lady Gaga — she is an innovator. The singer embodied the spirit of a Christmas tree right after her performance at the Jingle Ball on Sunday. How fitting!

We’re surprised by the timeliness of the “Applause” singer’s ensemble, which was obviously timed with her performance and the holiday season. There is a general lack of head-scratching with this outfit; usually Gaga tries to send a message or is a physical metaphor, but not this time.

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But in keeping with the holiday feeling of it all, here’s what you will need to recreate this look for your next Christmas party — or in case you forget to buy a blue spruce.

1. A large red tree skirt

Obviously not all of us can afford or have the time to fashion a futuristic romper out of luxurious fabric, so just recycle a tree skirt. If you think that will just look silly, remind yourself that you’re trying to look like a tree. A satiny tree skirt will reproduce Gaga’s look more authentically, but don’t be shy to whip out the felt.

2. A green wig or green hair dye

If you’re really devoted to this project, dye your hair green. But for the rest of you, a green Halloween wig will do the trick. Nothing says “Christmas cheer” like a chunk of plastic green hair.

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3. A butchered limb of a pine tree

To top yourself off (literally), you will need a severed limb or head of a pine tree. Once you have acquired one, decorate it with ornaments of your choice. Tinsel optional. To make things easier, attach the chunk of pine to a swimming cap, or balance a branch on your head — it’s your call.

Finish the look with a pair of black patent go-go boots, and you’ll be good to go. Honestly, though, this would be a hit at a Christmas party.

What do you think of Gaga’s newest look?

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