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Gorgeous makeup-free celebrity selfies

We could all use a break from makeup. These beautiful celebrities have taken a step to inspire their fans to be more confident and posted their selfies on a makeup day off.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is no stranger to makeup, having to constantly make television appearances or perform doused in the stuff. But, the 21-year-old singer took a day off from the ol’ maquillage and showed off her natural beauty with a Saturday Instagram selfie.

The snapshot was accompanied by a puzzling caption, reading, “I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat.”

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Whether the message is directed at Justin Bieber or parties unknown is unclear, but we’ll choose to blow right past it and focus on her gorgeous self. We’d also like to give a nod to the woman in the background, seemingly hacking up a lung, whilst Selena maintains her composure for the shot. Now, that’s a true professional!

Recently, several celebrities have employed the power of social media to promote healthier body image and have been posting makeup-free photos to empower their fans. We highly respect the endeavour, considering that many young women hold these celebrities in the highest regard. So, as a testament to natural beauty, we’d like to celebrate these lovely women, who’ve turned off their Instagram filters and opted to go makeup free.



This photo needs no words, which is exactly why Beyoncé didn’t even give it a caption on Instagram. Looking at the camera as if she knows the answers to all of your questions, Beyoncé looks stunning. Those curls, that glowing skin. . . Have mercy! Who needs makeup? Take care of your skin and be proud of what mamma gave you.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, Chris MacMillan

OK, is anybody else captivated by those two self-contained lagoons on Jennifer Aniston’s face? By Zeus, the woman is 44-years-old and she glows brighter than Botticelli’s Venus! The photo was actually snapped by Aniston’s hairdresser, Chris McMillan, (on the right), so it’s not quite a selfie. . . But works for us! The actress’ natural beauty never ceases to amaze, and she is becoming more striking every year.

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Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) is no stranger to a bucket of makeup, which is why she’s almost unrecognizable in this photo. The reality star shocked her followers when she posted this shot on Twitter last year, captioned, “My clean canvas before I get artistic.” To be honest, we like Snooki much better this way. . . Natural is always better!

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato never stops inspiring her fans. The singer went makeup free in an empowering tweet in April, captioned, “Ladies, be brave today…take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!” And that she is! We can’t imagine why Lovato would ever cover that gorgeous face up with even an ounce of makeup. She looks absolutely perfect.

Which celebrity inspires your beauty routine?

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Photo courtesy of Selena Gomez, Chris McMillan, Beyonce/Instagram and Demi Lovato, Nicole Polizzi/Twitter

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