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6 Saddest songs ever: Including Christina Aguilera’s new track

If it’s been a while since you had a good cry, we highly recommend Christina Aguilera’s new tune “Say Something.” We even did a bit of research and compiled the saddest songs ever into a neat little musical package.

Christina Aguilera

Oh, it is here! After performing this song on The Voice nearly three weeks ago, Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World released the official music video for “Say Something” on Wednesday. And boy, we have not wept this much since watching the finale of Friends.

The subtle music video focuses mainly on the duo of A Great Big World manning the piano and looking mighty thoughtful, with quick cameos from Aguilera. But the real kickers are the three scenes intertwined in the video, all involving letting go or needing someone to hang on. That’s when the tears come in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

With all this tissue-reaching, we were reminded of some of the other heartbreaking songs out in the world, and at this point — with cheeks soaked in our spectacular waterworks — why not listen to them too? These songs can be like bear hugs on a really bad day, but they are also just incredible compositions for any mood.

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“Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton co-wrote this song in memory of his 4-year-old son, Conor, who died after falling out a window of a high-rise apartment owned by his mother’s friend. This is considered to be one of the greatest songs of all time and is definitely one of the most personal compositions written by the musician. It’s impossible to listen to the song and not be overwhelmed by the raw emotions of Clapton’s performance. It’s a keeper!

“Hurt” by Johnny Cash

Originally a Nine Inch Nails song chronicling lead singer Trent Reznor’s struggles with possible depression and heroin addiction, the song was reinvented by Johnny Cash. With minor lyrical adjustments, Cash turned the song into a powerful reflection of his own life and legacy, infusing it with tremendous power. The fact that the song was released just a year before the country legend’s passing makes it even more poignant and emotional.

“Adagio in G Minor” by Tomaso Albinoni

What is a list of music without a classical masterpiece? This song was actually constructed by Remo Giazotto from a fragment of a musical manuscript left behind by Italian Baroque composer Tomaso Albinoni. The song is so powerful it was even performed by Vedran Smailovi? in the ruins of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the city’s siege in the ’90s. This composition brings up the rawest of emotions with incomparably beautiful instrumentation.

“Julia” by The Beatles

The song was written by John Lennon in honour of his mother, who was killed by a drunk driver when he was only 17. The song appeared on the band’s White Album and is a touching homage to a parent, despite Lennon’s strained relationship with his mother. It’s not outwardly saddening but rather a serene and peaceful composition.

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“Exit Music (for a Film)” by Radiohead

The song was written specifically for the film William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet but actually never appeared on any of the soundtracks. It did, however, make it on Radiohead’s highly acclaimed album OK Computer. Inspired by the tragic Shakespearean love story, the song is eerie, incredibly sombre and just hauntingly beautiful. Not a track you’d like to keep on repeat, though. Too many emotions laced in there, in our opinion!

Do you have a favourite song to put on when the blues hit?

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