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Single and ready to mingle: Zac Efron and other celeb bachelors

Despite what you may think, not all the good ones are gone. The list of eligible celebrity singles is extensive and includes the likes of Zac Efron, Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper and more!

Zac Efron

In case you have been riddled with anxiety about the relationship status of the top Hollywood hotties — so have we! The great news is that — shockingly enough — some of the most successful and most beautiful men in Hollywood are actually single as a Pringle. Fancy that, eh?

The recent rehab stint aside, it turns out that Zac Efron is presently very much single, which he confirmed during the Yahoo Movies Q & A for his upcoming comedy That Awkward Moment. So, keep an eye out for this 27-year-old hunky hunk!

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Next, we have Michael Fassbender. As it stands currently, this German-born 36-year-old piece of gorgeous goodness is single. Plus. . . have you seen Shame? Does anyone actually need to be convinced of Fassbender’s dating potential? The talent, the good looks, the accent, the other parts. . . Winner right there!

If you are a fashion enthusiast, may we interest you in some Despite several reports of potential girlfriends, the musician has yet to confirm an actual relationship. So, we shall assume he is single until proven otherwise. Why is a good catch? Well, he is beautiful, stylish, talented and innovative. Those traits sit very well with us!

Lookie here, another Irish actor (Fassbender is technically German-Irish)! Colin Farrell appears to be single as well, and that makes the female populace of the universe quite jubilant. Farrell has that bad boy image going on, an Irish accent and the looks of a rugged mythical Celtic hero. His eternal singledom is a-OK with us. What if he just happens to shop in the same grocery store as us one day or vice versa (after extensive stalking expeditions)?

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Since we’re going international here, the half-Swedish Jake Gyllenhaal happens to be single (although he may still be dating Alyssa Miller, so the singleness is unconfirmed!). From what we hear, Jake is a homebody, an amazing cook and a fan of woodworking. Who knew? We certainly did not think perfection existed, yet there he is. Next time you’re in New York City, keep those peepers peeled for the famous Gyllenhaal scruff!

Of course, we could not do without some honourable mentions. . . We’d like to throw a shout-out to Tom Cruise, Josh Hutcherson and Bradley Cooper, who are also single. That is a fine selection right there. Fine, fine, fine. Do you have a particular favourite on the list?

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