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Harry Styles dating top model

It’s time to move on! Harry Styles is reportedly dating the rising young model Cara Delevingne. The two have recently been spotted at a theatre together.

Harry Styles

Ladies, please! You knew he couldn’t stay single forever!

Per E! News, Mr. Harry Styles is romancing the fashion world’s sweetheart, Cara Delevingne!

The two have reportedly been dating for about two weeks, and the 19-year-old One Direction-er is said to be really falling for the gorgeous 21-year-old model.

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“Harry’s been chasing Cara nonstop. He really likes her and has been saying that he wants to be exclusive with her,” a source told E!.

Unfortunately, according to the source, Delevingne is not thinking of relationships at the moment and wants to focus on her blossoming career instead.

“She’s a top girl and she’s finding her feet right now. They are seeing each other though, casually, and are actually very cute together. Their friends think it could work out. . . He’s really chasing her, but she’s a really busy girl.”

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Delevingne is set to fly off to Los Angeles soon to explore possible contracting options in the States; she is an “It” girl after all. But despite the busy schedules, the couple was spotted sneaking away on a date in London last week to watch Book of Mormon at a West End theatre.

Well, we shall see how this one turns out! Since nothing is concrete yet, no need to despair! They would be amazingly cute together though, wouldn’t they?

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