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Katy Perry on fitness and feeling her best

She’s a mystery, this one! Katy Perry shares her favourite fitness activities and tips on feeling great no matter how busy you are in life.

Katy Perry

With all the things going on in her life, it’s hard to believe she’d have any time to herself! But in a candid chat with Fresh 102.7, Katy Perry talked about her fitness routine and tips for feeling great. We should all take notes from this beauty!

“I think making my body feel good boosts my confidence,” the songstress told Kim Berk, the radio host. “I think if I just take a minute to get more sleep and also if I [take] a run. My favorite thing to do here in New York is bicycle right by the waterfront. Just put on a new record that I want to listen to and just go bicycling up and down, up and down. And go bicycling in Central Park! It is so nice. It’s like all these scenes are changing around you. It’s a beautiful feeling.”

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Bicycling is not the only thing that makes Perry happy. It turns out the 28-year-old star is a fan of the great outdoors. Who knew?

“I go hiking. I do all the outdoors stuff. I just try to make sure my body feels good and then my mind feels good. And then I’m happy!” she stated.

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Meanwhile, Perry’s new single “Roar” was released last week and is already steadily climbing the music charts all across the world. So, this girl is ruling the world with one hand and keeping fit with the other. Incredible!

We can hardly brush the Cheetos off our chest and flop over from the couch to crawl the three metres to the remote control. . . But tell us, which healthy activities make you the happiest? Hiking? Biking? Jogging?

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