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Justin Timberlake reveals tracks on new album

The man is artsy; let him be! Justin Timberlake announced the track listing on The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 via Instagram through short videos.

Justin Timberlake

We don’t know if he’s working on his penmanship or if he’s acquired a new set of markers and is excited about using them, but Justin Timberlake sure likes to make signs lately.

The 32-year-old singer took his fans on a tease parade on Wednesday, when he announced that he will be revealing the songs titles for The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 throughout the day track by track via Instagram.

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“#The2020Experience#2of2 track listing is being revealed today!! #trackbytrack#imready,” he wrote.

And that is just what happened. Timberlake unveiled song titles, one by one, in a total of 11 videos, by handwriting the names with a black marker in a sketchbook. For any dedicated fan, hanging on every word, how excruciating is that?

So, without further ado, here is the track list for part deux of Timberlake’s tour de force:

1. “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)”?
2. “True Blood”?
3. “Cabaret”?
4. “T.K.O”?
5. “Take Back the Night”?
6. “Murder”?
7. “Drink You Away”?
8. “You Got It On”?
9. “Amnesia”?
10. “Only When I Walk Away”?
11. “Not a Bad Thing”

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The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 comes out on Sept. 30. Will you be picking up this bad boy (the album, not Timberlake)?

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