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Jennifer Aniston shoots down wedding rumours again!

You have to respect her space, people! Jennifer Aniston has once again clarified that she is not yet married nor is she carrying Justin Theroux’s child.

Jennifer Aniston

Nowadays it appears that minding Jennifer Aniston’s private life is more commonplace than minding your own private life. . .

With the new rumours claiming another secret wedding (in lieu of fiancé Justin Theroux’s birthday bash) and pregnancy, the former Friends actress is getting a teensy bit irritated with the insistent dissection of her life.

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“It does feel like they’ve exhausted the question, and also the speculation. It’s all been pretty much exhausted,” Aniston told Australia’s Kyle & Jackie O Show on Monday.

“Why not just wait until we actually get to have the fun of announcing something? Who wants to play the guessing game, whether it be [a] family wedding, this, that, the other thing?”

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Aniston also instinctually clarified that there is nothing to announce presently and the rumoured baby bump is “just a couple of pounds.” It seems as if every television appearance she makes now revolves around shooting down wedding and baby rumours. Why not take her advice and wait? Let’s do it!

We hope the next big news from Aniston will be about the actual wedding or maybe even the real pregnancy. What do you think?

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