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The top 10 Hollywood cops we’d like to be cuffed by

Whether it’s the fact that law enforcement officers are fearless heroes in positions of authority, carry handcuffs or sometimes get to wear tight shorts, there’s something undeniably sexy about a man in uniform. We’ve searched out our favourite cops we’d like to be handcuffed by. See if your favourite makes our top 10.

Sexy cop with open shirt and handcuffs

Nick Walker

Hold on to your seats, girls: Behold Ryan Reynolds in uniform (sigh). It’s like dying and going straight to heaven — only in the soon-to-be-released R.I.P.D., it’s Reynolds who’s knocking at the Pearly Gates. He plays the part of a slain cop assigned to roam the planet as part of the Rest in Peace Department, looking for deados — bad souls that have escaped judgment. R.I.P.D. is coming to you in 3-D on July 19.


Officer Jenko

The only thing going under arrest will be your heart. In 21 Jump Street (2012) in the role of Jenko, Channing Tatum is an underachieving bicycle cop who is sent undercover at a high school to bring down a synthetic-drug ring. A change from his usual typecast role as a buff action hero, this is Channing’s first comedic role, and like always, he appears to be a natural.

Officer Jenko

Photo credit: Sony Pictures

Officer Nathan Rhodes

Chris O’Dowd’s Irish accent is enough to make your ovaries squeal, but wait until you see him as Officer Rhodes in Bridesmaids (2011). He’s kind of nerdy and a lovable character, which is part of his appeal. A sensitive streak and a sense of humour combine to make him a complete package worthy of a celebrity crush.


Officer Jim Street

Another Irishman, Colin Farrell doesn’t have to be seen in uniform to set hearts aflame. In S.W.A.T. (2003), a bank robbery and hostage situation gone wrong sees Officer Jim Street off the squad. Policing is his life, so he agrees to a demotion and strives to earn his redemption and a place back with the most elite force in the L.A.P.D. You can also see Colin as an undercover detective in Miami Vice (2006).


Detective Mike Lowry

There’s no denying the appeal of a bad boy. In Bad Boys II (2003), Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and his partner, Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), are trying to save the day and Burnett’s sister. Lowrey is a loose cannon, a bit of a player and the king of smooth, but his softer, caring personality is revealed when he’s in a secret relationship with his partner’s sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union).

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Chief Charlie Swan

Chief of the police department in Forks, Washington, Twilight‘s Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) is a man of few words. He’s dedicated to his job, often going beyond the call of duty, and enjoys his own company. He fears he is a failure as a father but awkwardly starts to rebuild a relationship with his daughter, Bella (Kristen Stewart), when she returns to live with him.

Chief Charlie Swan

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

Officer Brian Taylor

Bald is the new sexy for Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays L.A.P.D. Officer Brian Taylor in a documentary-style film called End of Watch (2012). It follows the lives of Taylor and his partner, Officer Mike Zavala (Michael Peña), as they patrol the streets of South Los Angeles. “Watch your six,” his partner says, using police speak to tell Taylor to watch his back. We’ll watch his six, all right — his six-pack.

Officer Brian Taylor

Photo credit: Open Road Films

Agent Johnny Utah

Keanu Reeves is Point Break‘s rookie FBI agent investigating a series of bank robberies by a gang known as the Ex-presidents, who are believed to be surfers. Despite having never surfed before, Johnny Utah goes undercover to infiltrate the surfing community. This is an action-packed movie with eye candy galore.

Agent Johnny Utah

Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

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Officer Martin Riggs

Lethal Weapon‘s Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is a cop close to the edge and lives like he has a death wish. He’s lost his wife, his will to live and, according to his new partner, Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), possibly his marbles. He’s a lovable rogue who is a practical joker. Martin Riggs is Mel Gibson at his finest.

Officer Martin Riggs

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Avery Cross

Bradley Cooper plays ambitious cop Avery Cross, who is looking to move his way up in a corrupt police department in The Place Beyond the Pines (2012). The only crime Avery Cross has committed is being so hot he literally sizzles onscreen. This is a must-see for any diehard Bradley Cooper fan.

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