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Bon Jovi putting on a free concert in Madrid

The fellas at Bon Jovi have considered their financially struggling fans in Spain and have slashed the ticket prices for their show in Madrid.

Bon JoviIt’s his life, after all. Bon Jovi announced that he and his band will be playing for free in Madrid to permit economy crisis-stricken fans in Spain to attend the show.

How sweet is that? The band told El Mundo newspaper that it was initially planning to skip Madrid altogether, since the fans may not be able to afford the tickets, but have opted to slash the prices instead.

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Tickets, already sold out, range between $23 and $50 to cover the costs of the venue and the crew. Bon Jovi will not be receiving a single penny from the proceeds.

The fans obviously appreciated the band’s gesture, and many have praised Bon Jovi for its thoughtfulness.

What do you think of this idea? Should more artists do this?

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